"You've heard of a Staycation... How about taking a Mind Vacation!"

"Want to get away?  Like right now?"

(And not have to spends hundreds or thousands of your hard earned money?)


Thomas "Trapper Sherwood - Mind Vaction Medtation

From the e-desk of:
Thomas “Trapper” Sherwood
La Vergne, TN

Dear Friend,

If you are nodding your head yes, and I know you probably are, please take a deep breath, let out, and continue breathing regularly... Good.

As you continue to read you will discover there is some good news ahead for you, and most important, some stress relief you so well deserve.

“What would it be like if you could take a moment and imagine the most fantastic vacation you have ever enjoyed?”

Imagine taking just 15 or 20 minutes out of your day to relax and go on your own personal mind vacation.

Where would YOU go?
What would YOU do?
This is YOUR time to relax.
Imagine the possibilities……


And every time you think of it,  those wonderful thoughts brought a wide smile to your face, and joy in your heart.

Because of those wonderful and relaxing memories, would you like to go on that vacation again and again?

“Did you catch that flight to the islands, and walk that white sandy beach while the warmth of the tropical water danced around your feet the way you always dreamed about?

Imagine yourself relaxing on the beach, while you  hear the sounds of the waves crashing all around you”.

So relaxing.

Maybe you like relaxing in the mountains, and breathing in all the fresh air while enjoying a secluded cabin in the woods. .

How would you like to have that feeling of relaxation right now?

Or anytime you want.


How would you like to:

  • Live longer
  • Improve your mental health
  • Revamp your relationships
  • Recapture your childhood
  • Gain self confidence
  • Find creative inspiration
  • Become more productive

All commonly accepted benefits of going on a vacation.

Imagine yourself on a wonderful, relaxing vacation while you still earn full pay.
I hear you asking me, “Take a vacation, right here, right now??”

“How is that possible? I’m stuck in my cubicle at work.”

Read on about Bonnie, and how she removes any stress with just the press of a button. Bonnie uses our simple “Mind Vacation Meditation” audio and you can too….

Do you suffer from “Cubicle-itis?”
You know, wanting to get “away from it all”, even if it is only for 20 or 30 minutes?

  • Do you want to jump on the next plane out to anywhere?
  • Or to your “perfect vacation?”
  • Lack of vacation days stopping you?


My friend Bonnie felt the same way. We were talking one day and she said that her office was so busy and so hectic, and even when it was somewhat quiet, she can hear planes taking off or arriving at the local airport.

Oh, how someday she would like to be on one of those departing planes.

I informed Bonnie that I had discovered a way for her to escape to her perfect and unique vacation whether it be to the beach with the warmth of the sun shining down on her while she had her toes in the sand, or to a log cabin getaway in the mountains with the crackling of the fire place in the background while the aroma of the seasoned wood burning in the fireplace filled the room.

Bonnie did, and still does…And all with just the press of a button…

With your copy of the “Mind Vacation Meditation" audio, you can listen at your desk, your favorite chair, or even as you lie comfortable in your bed and be transported by the use of your mind to your favorite hideaway retreat.

So simple, so relaxing.





Perhaps you would like to be out on the links of your favorite golf course. A light breeze blowing as you bend over to insert your tee and your favorite brand of golf ball into the lush green carpet of grass on the first tee box.

Standing up you smell the fresh cut grass drifting up through your nostrils.  You stand comfortably over the ball, the driver in your hand. Looking down the fairway to where you will precisely drive the ball after a picture perfect swing.

Imagine yourself relaxing now?

As soon as you discover that you are ready to be relaxed, and you make that realization, the sooner you’ll be ready to download our audios, and take your relaxing “Mind Vacation”, even from your desk.

Whatever it is that is your “Perfect Vacation” you can achieve it.

And it is as close as your earphones, laptop or whatever music player you choose to use.

Our audios use binaural beats.  In addition to lowering the brain frequency to relax the listener (or to raise it to help focusing), uses for binaural beats include helping to reduce learning time and sleeping needs.

Theta waves are thought to improve learning, since children, who have stronger theta waves, and remain in this state for a longer period of time than adults, usually learn faster than adults.

So what does that mean to you?

It means your body and mind will be in a more relaxed state. Once in this relaxed state of being you are more open to absorbing the relaxing techniques you will be hearing, and it could help you reduce and eliminate the everyday stress that sometimes tries to take over our lives.







After enjoying your little mind getaway, you will return to the present time.

Just imagine:

  • Being refreshed; nothing bothering you, at peace with the world.
  • Feeling rejuvenated; like waking up from a great night’s sleep.
  • Your batteries recharged
  • Ready to handle any tasks that come your way.

All feeling as if you had just returned from your vacation, so calm, and so relaxed.

What’s the cost?

As you know, just a weekend getaway full of packing and driving, (and getting more stressed) can cost hundreds of dollars.

An “All Inclusive” vacation to a fancy resort costs Thousands.

If you can use our “Mind Vacation Meditation” audio and bring peace, tranquility, and remove some of the everyday stress from your life, how much is that worth to you?Buy  Mind Vaction Medtation - by Thomas "Trapper Sherwood

MP3 audios of this quality and content can sell for $39.97 and higher, but not ours.

So here is what you receive for your investment.

Your “Mind Vacation Meditation” is a downloadable MP3, this mean when you invest in a copy of our audio, and you can have access to download and listen to it immediately! (No waiting on UPS to arrive!)

You will receive four meditation tracks.


Remember, your total relaxation is now only a click away.

Imagine; downloading your own “Mind Vacation Meditation” audio now, and enjoy the feeling of slipping off to a nice, calm, relaxing state of mind.

Go ahead, download a copy for yourself, start listening to it and you will see that our price of only $10 dollars and the relaxation that it will bring to you makes it a good value and solid investment for yourself.

Naturally you will want to invest now because you are ready to be stress free and relaxed aren’t you?

To achieve your relaxed state of mind, perhaps you would like to go ahead and click the “Add to Cart” button.  And many thanks.


Buy  Mind Vaction Medtation - by Thomas "Trapper Sherwood



Thomas "Trapper Sherwood - Mind Vaction Medtation


Thank You,
Thomas “Trapper” Sherwood; CMH
Certified Master Hypnotist


PS… Why spend another miserable, stress filled lunch break when you can be stress free “walking the beach”, “enjoying the Mountains” or wherever you want your perfect vacation to be with the “Mind Vacation Meditation” audio.


PPS… BUT WAIT!! THERE’S MORE!! When you order your "Mind Vacation Meditation" audio, you’ll also receive a bonus Mystery Meditation! Our Free Gift to you! (A $9.97 Value)


PPPS…FREE FOCUS AUDIO!! Because you are a valuable client, we are also including a FREE Focus Automatically audio! Imagine how much more productive you can be when you train your brain automatically by listening to this audio track! (A $29.97 value)






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Buy  Mind Vaction Medtation - by Thomas "Trapper Sherwood Buy  Mind Vaction Medtation - by Thomas "Trapper Sherwood Buy  Mind Vaction Medtation - by Thomas "Trapper Sherwood